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mary murray, heart forgiveness facilitatorI am a licensed psychologist. I have been practicing under my doctoral license for 27 years and for several years prior while working toward my masters’ degree. I have worked with all age groups over this period of time and have led groups and couples sessions in addition to individual sessions.

All my professional career, I have been on a pursuit involving my interests in neurobiology, spirituality, meditation and various forms of integration research to use with my clients. I have read The Biology of Belief, several books on Quantum Physic, mindfulness and books on a variety of new therapeutic interventions to assist my clients. I have come across some very interesting interventions . . . however, even with the additional training that would be involved I could not see how the interventions would produce quicker results. I work with trauma clients in addition to the typical client who presents with various degrees of depression or anxiety. I have been frustrated with the amount of time it has taken to help my clients, especially my trauma clients, and have been searching for something more expedient. I definitely learned that hypnosis is more effective than traditional talk therapy for many of my clients, although it takes time to build trust in some clients to use hypnosis and some clients won’t allow themselves to be hypnotized because they fear the process.

With Heart Forgiveness, I discovered this method encapsulates what is needed neurologically, cognitively and spiritually. For traumatized clients who feared hypnosis, I have already found that there is an openness and curiosity towards energy measuring. The results are excellent thus far.

While traditional medicine, psychology and religion look for what’s “wrong” with us and try to fix it, the Heart Forgiveness approach is to look for what’s right and good in us . . . and expand on this. In traditional psychotherapy, you may be in counseling for months or even years dealing with past issues. In Heart Forgiveness, the process is deep, quick and thorough.

Another amazing aspect to this process is that you don’t need to tell the story of your life or even tell about a specific event in order to free yourself from the negative energy that is attached to that event or to ‘your life story’.

Heart Forgiveness assists you in freeing yourself from blocks to your awareness of what is right and good in you. While the world’s indeed a percent “crazy”, there is great beauty in our world as well, and while we are all a percent “crazy”, we each have a pure part in the core of our being, the pure part that we came into the world with until we encountered repetitive negativity around us.

Human experience and energy measuring verify that positive thoughts and attitudes positively enhance the quality and flow of our life energy, while negative thoughts and attitudes diminish it.  So, a primary principle in this approach is the “KEY is to Be FREE.”

While other people are going to be the way they are going to be, I am the only one who can choose my attitudes for me.  This is a primary key to inner peace. Heart Forgiveness creates control of your own energy, releases oppressive thoughts and behaviors and re-activates being powerfully you.

Heart Forgiveness does not mean:

  • Forgetting or pretending it didn’t happen.
  • Condoning the action of the other person or organization.
  • Justifying, understanding, or excusing the harmful or abusive action. (We FORGIVE when a wrong was committed so as to FREE our own energy and to stay MINDFUL of the Pure Part in our self and in them).
  • There are no consequences. We need all our energy and clarity to enforce consequences in a healthy way.
  • Reconciliation or reestablishing a relationship:  this is a different decision – you may choose to never see them again – or they may have died.
  • This is a way to change another person; (though forgiveness may open the way).

Heart Forgiveness:

  • Frees yourself from the negativity of upset, anger, and fear.
  • Frees your energy to flow into what you choose.
  • Allows you to control your energy and life through self-control and direction.
  • Allows you to regain your power and creativity.
  • Allows you to free all of your energy so you can respond creatively.
  • Keeps your heart open to the other person, even when you may choose to put them physically out of your life space.  We can love someone – we can regard the pure part in them with appreciation and compassion – without liking them or their behavior.
  • Allows you to change your energy relationship to the past, removing all negative energy . . . although the “facts” remain the same.  This is how we change our past – by clearing our energy relationship (emotions and attitudes) with past events.

The Heart Forgiveness process benefits everyone regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs or practices by enabling them to regain the power over their own energy. Many of our personal difficulties stem from our subconscious mind and are outside of our direct conscious awareness. The Heart Forgiveness process is quick and reaches the depths of our emotional difficulties, even those we did not know we had or were not specific enough for us to know how to handle.

Being in control of our own energy allows us to make choices that are based in health, logic and conscious choice rather than reacting towards others in emotionally and often erratic ways.

I welcome you to experience the Heart Forgiveness process. It is enlightening, freeing and powerful.

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